Low inventories of steel or steel will become the anchor of early 2012
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This year's steel market is destined to Lengkudaodi, getting stronger as the winter chill, the downstream industry in general on-demand procurement, traders will not inventory decisions, the market downturn in the atmosphere will continue. The face of tough market conditions, domestic large steel enterprises are collectively reduce inventory, Baoshan Iron and Steel stock fell by 30%; Vision library 23,000 tons of steel down; bearing steel stocks fell to 21,600 tons, a record low inventory levels this year . Usually tend to favor stocks remain low boost steel prices, but the face of this year's low inventory, combined with the cold end of the year the situation, and only then to the spring next year February and March, the city still in steel consumption off-season, this year's low inventories can No boost after years of rising steel prices? 

We look at the current major social stock market, spot network, according to China Iron and Steel Statistics show: Up to 23, the country's 26 major markets five varieties of steel inventory of 12.771 million tons of society over the last week decreased by 11.1 million tons, consecutive eleven weeks down. Compared with the same period last year to reduce the 279,000 tons of total inventory.Last week, steel stocks continued to fall within expectations, although there are signs of bottoming, but in previous years performance, there is still room for further reduction. Traders are usually up before the Spring Festival next year to meet the library operation started in the spring season, replenishment efforts to increase the size but also to determine the best indicator of steel prices. However, downstream industries run point of view, is unlikely to strongly complement the library. 

It is well-known steel spot trading platform - Chinese spot steel market monitoring network data: the average domestic price of rebar major cities Ф25mm 4253 yuan / ton, or 5 yuan; Ф6.5mm average price of 4352 high-wire yuan / ton, or 3 Yuan; 5.5mm hot-rolled coil prices for 4223 yuan on average / ton, or 2 yuan; 1.0mm cold plate, the average price of 5225 yuan / ton, or 2 yuan; 20mm medium plate average price of 4187 yuan / ton, unchanged. Currently the volume of steel to the general decline in the enthusiasm of traders active replenishment poor market transactions generally, still tend to be priced resource-based. 

If you rely on the downstream end to the increase in effective demand inventory consumption, during the winter and next spring it seems unlikely that the current car, shipbuilding, machinery, appliances and other industries and the recession in November China's manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) was 49.0% , the chain fell 1.4 percentage points, of which new orders index, new export orders index fell to 50% less, or more than 2 percentage points. Downstream industry is shrinking demand for steel, steel inventory digestion is clearly difficult. Add to this winter storage has become a phantom, Close of the year, steel trading business to financial constraints, no money selling steel to hoard goods; on the market outlook is not good, not rashly to winter storage.

However, because of the recent European debt crisis eased, signs of domestic monetary policy appeared to relax, steel inventories to decline further. With protection of housing construction next year will boost the demand for construction steel, iron ore, coke, iron and steel raw materials prices stabilized, 63.5% grade Indian iron ore CIF price of fine ore in the November 1, $ 133 / t bottom, the 28 to close at $ 142 / ton, iron ore prices gradually obvious signs of stabilizing, coke, scrap steel prices are signs of stabilization, the price of raw materials for steel supporting role has been enhanced. While inventories remain low in social situations, or to stabilize steel prices up spring next year. [Text / China steel stock net]
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